What does withdrawal (pulling out) mean?

Because cum (semen) is one of the main body fluids through which HIV can pass from one man to another during sex, some men think that if the top pulls his cock out of the bottom’s arse before he cums then it is safe for them to fuck without condoms without one of them passing on HIV to the other.

Is pulling out before coming an effective way to avoid getting or passing on HIV?

No. Pulling out before coming is NOT a reliable way to reduce the risk of fucking without condoms. This is because:
  • Pre-cum (the fluid that leaks from the tip of the penis during stimulation) can also contain HIV and can pass it on long before anyone has cum
  • The guy doing the fucking may accidentally cum before he has a chance to withdraw.
  • A casual sex-partner may not honour an agreement to pull out before he cums.
  • If you’re fucking without condoms, just because the top doesn’t cum, that doesn’t mean that the bottom couldn’t pass on HIV to the top if he’s HIV-positive. HIV can pass from the bottom’s arse into the top’s cock via the opening at the tip of the cock or through the skin of the cock through tiny cuts or abrasions caused by friction during fucking.